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Sharing the Spoiler

Introducing a new pet is always a challenging endeavor.  Our pets were NOT thrilled with our new kitty at first. Not because she has been difficult.  She’s been a sweetheart, actually.  And also not because I’ve ignored them, because I’ve given them plenty of attention. No, it’s just because none of these brats want to share the Spoiler, as they like to call me.

The day Gypsy came home, after saying hi to all of my babies, I went in the spare room with Michael and her for a bit.  When I opened the door to come out, this is what I was confronted with:

four pets.jpg

That set the stage for jealousy, hurt feelings and gnashing of teeth.  And after I calmed Michael down, I had to deal with the pets.  Hardee har har.  But to tell the truth, things have actually gone much better than I expected once we started introductions.

Romeo and GypsyRomeo, aka Jerkface, came waltzing in the room where Gypsy was staying, all, “Hey! I like your place!  Are you new here?  Cool, great to know ya.”

Gypsy was fine for a minute, even touched noses with him, but when he continued to stay in her personal space, she hissed.  To which Romeo replied, “Oh yeah, I get that from the ladies all the time.  I can tell you really, really like me!”  And then he strolled back out to go find someone else to harass.

Stalker Kodi
Stalker dog stalking


Kodi, my aloof, yet needy brown dog, became my stalker for the first few days to make sure I didn’t spend too much time with her.  And dramatically moped when I did.

Reba, our sweet big dog, wanted nothing to do with Gypsy, as she feels about cats in general.  She knows the power of their kung fu paws…

Lily, my 12 year old white kitty, who gave Jerkface quite the hard time when he arrived, has been surprisingly mellow with Gypsy.  A few grumbles, a couple of hisses, but no ambushing or actual murderous attacks.

And then there’s Midnight, our houseguest kitty that’s staying for a while with her human parents. She’s sweet as can be to people, but is definitely the alpha of the cat community in our home…even though it’s not actually her home.  Gotta love cats!

I was most nervous of their introduction and it seemed to start off badly with Midnight puffing up like a furry Marshmallow Man and snarling, “I’m coming for you, beyotch!”  But her tantrum was short-lived  and surprisingly, I looked up later  in the day to see this:

Gypsy and Midnight
It’s a kitty miracle!


I think we’re through the worst of it.  Well, of the pet intros…now I need to convince a cat that likes to sleep on my pillow…by my face…all night, that there are other places to crash, like maybe further down the bed please?  I know, I know!  I wanted a snuggly cat and it looks like I got it… 🙂

gypsy in bed
Gypsy with her new Spoiler