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And Life Goes On

It’s been a year since I’ve last done a blog post.  That’s hard for me to believe, yet, it makes sense because, well, it’s been quite a year.  It’s been a hard year for me, a year of loss that pretty much took the joy out of writing for me.

In this last year, we’ve lost our beautiful white kitty Lily to advanced liver disease, we’ve lost our bratty, yet irresistible Romeo…literally lost him, because he disappeared while we were on a long trip to Michigan and Tennessee and never came home or was found, and most recently, we lost our amazing Reba girl to cancer.  She was Michael’s best friend and my sweetest girl.

All these fur babies…

Beautiful Lily
Mischievous Romeo


That’s a lot to lose and my heart still hurts. But such is life, and such is the risk we take when we choose to have pets.  And somehow, after a while, you wake up, shake yourself and realize there’s some things you still want to do, like maybe write.

So here I am, taking a stab at it again, even while my heart is still healing.  And maybe we’ll get back to being funny again…