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Let’s Try This Again

Is blogging dead?  I’m hoping not, cause I’ve gotten the urge again.  It’s been about two years and I have no idea if anyone even reads them anymore, so this may be a short-lived hobby.  But what the hey, I think I’m going to have a go at it anyhow!

I struggled briefly with the focus of the blog this time around, but ultimately the answer was right there in front of me:

best husband
This guy!

Because trust me, he gives me LOTS of material.

Back when I did blog regularly, I loved it, even if it was time-consuming.  And actually, it’s how I met Michael.  But then came the kiss of death for a blog.  I fell in love.  Good for me, not so good for the blog.  I think my last post on my previous blog was about how Michael and I met and then kerplunk…the blog keeled over, never to be heard from again.  Poor blog just wasn’t my priority anymore, but I was otherwise occupied, so I accepted it and moved on…or so I thought.

Now, after a couple of years hiatus, the part of my brain that is responsible for blogging, the blogosphere (pretty sure that’s what it’s called), has been doing some deep stretches, waking up from its mushy, love-induced coma.  A few other times, it’s pulled the covers back over its head and gone back to sleep, so I thought this time was a false alarm, too.  But it looks like my blogosphere is up for good now, so I guess we’re gonna do it!

I sure hope blogging isn’t dead…


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