He’s a Big Helper

big helperIn general, I do my grocery shopping alone in the early hours on Sunday mornings while Michael is at work.  I can’t stand crowds and it’s something I can knock out pretty quickly by myself.  But every once in a while, Michael goes with me.  It makes the shopping trip much more, uh, exciting.

You know how little kids like to get a running start pushing the grocery cart and then jump on the back of it and glide down the aisle?  Guess who else likes to do that?  Even if you have breakable things in the cart.  Even when you tell him to knock it off.  Especially when you tell him to knock it off.  He’ll just smirk as he goes sailing past.  This is one of many reasons why I generally shop on Sunday mornings by myself.

He also likes to try to add random things to the cart like processed cookies or pastries that we definitely should not eat.  And he loves to dance around me as I’m choosing items, or, even more helpful, tickle me while I’m studying my list.  Can’t tell you much I love that.  Yeah.  I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Recently, on one of our infrequent grocery shopping trips together, we ran in quickly for a few items. We were in and out with no problems.  I was amazed.

On the way to the car, Michael grabbed the two bags from the cart, swinging them as we walked.

“You are such a big helper!” we heard a woman say from behind us.

“Thank you,” said Michael proudly.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“I said ‘Thank you.’ That lady said I was a big helper!”

“Um, no she didn’t,” I said, as I threw a look over my shoulder at the woman and child walking behind us.  “She was telling her little boy that.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, craning his neck.

“Yes, I’m sure that that woman with the young child was not telling a grown man that he’s such a big helper because he’s carrying two small grocery bags.”

“Oh, well, that’s embarrassing,” he said.  “Unless she was talking to both of us?  Cause I am a big helper.”

And it’s been his favorite thing to call himself ever since.  In particular, when he is most definitely not being a big helper.

Good thing I adore this man.  Even better, that I find his ridiculousness endearing.

Here he is, being a big helper in a gift shop…


14 thoughts on “He’s a Big Helper”

  1. You 2 crack me up!
    Terry and I used to do our shopping on Sundays
    It became a thing with us because we loved to cook and pick out new fun ingredients! 💗

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  2. I totally misread this and thought you WERE talking about your son…until the last paragraphs! So for me, a hilarious twist. I really enjoyed it. Go Michael 👍

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  3. I loved this because I didn’t realize Michael was a grown man until the end of the post, lol! I think this is my first visit to your site, so as I was reading I thought you were describing a child – I completely missed the part where you said “when he is at work” haha! Either way, very cute. Shopping alone is key.

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